Wow! You know you’ve hit a new level of #fail when the guy you hired to be your personal trainer and dietician hits you with a…

“Thats not how this works…

you’ve made no progress, and I think it’s best if I refund you your money”!



I mean…


You are probably thinking… “how much of a pain in the behind could you be?”

And I can truthfully say “I wasn’t.”

So again, really?!?!

I mean, I just asked for a few modifications; a few changes to the plan, a little more customization, verbal check ins instead of email, told him I was only seventy percent on plan, forgot to check in a few times, avoided checking in a few times, cried when I first met him, and lost zero pounds.

I mean, did that merit firing the client.



Ok, fine— definitely.

I am clearly a hot mess in the ”loose the baby weight…eight years later,” department.

I know I’m not completely dedicated to it, but for some reason, I am still baffled by it. I didn’t know what the problem was, and I didn’t expect to get shut down like that.

Why can’t everything be easy for me like it used to be? Why can’t it happen my way, happen fast. I want to be an instagram #fitchick on the first try?

I work hard. I mean, I work hard in some areas.
I work really hard.

I mean, when I ACTUALLY get around to working out.

Yes, it’s a bit inconsistent, but



I think I finally figured it out.

Can anyone say, “millennial moment”!

Or, in my case, more of the micro generation called “X-ennial”. Also known as the bridge generation between generation X, Y, and Millennial.

Nevertheless, here I stand having my first conscious, “millennial moment”.

I may even be the first to coin the term.

Millennial moment– 1. a term of endearment for ones own wanting without working. 2. Recognition of ones own generational flaws.
• Similar in correlative nature to the term “senior moment” currently used by baby boomers.

“Yup, Holler at me Noah Webster!”

Millennials as you might have heard are often known to be “the entitled generation”.
Having big expectations, with little work ethic. Big hopes and dreams, in a world that hasn’t quite caught up to them.

In my early 80’s and 90’s generation Y days, I had no problem being fit, staying fit, and moving my body.

As I transitioned into this new millennium age, I got a smart phone and landed myself a stay at home mom gig.

I got mentally overworked, and physically lazier. I lost my athletic bod, sat at a computer and got groceries delivered to me via Pea Pod.

I packed on some nice insulation and backup internal food storage.

I wish I could say I was using intentional protective forethought. Like, you know….”I’ll be the mom that survives Y2K and the apocalypse”.

But no, it just happened. Slowly, but surely. Steadily, and dreadfully. And now, I am having to process, why my personal trainer would rather refund me cash money, than help me.

I am awesome.
I was trying.
I am an athlete at heart.
I can do anything.
I am a boss!

It must have been his fault. He should have been nicer, more supportive, more creative, helped me more. He was too rigid and clearly “old school”, clearly!

If he can’t make me skinny, in 2.2 seconds, while I watch This is Us, drink red wine and eat popcorn…

then he just isn’t qualified to call himself a personal trainer anyway!


#Millennial moment

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